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Michele - California

America should be about the 100% and the common good!

Georgia - Silverton, OR

The Constitution applies to everyone in The USA.

Samuel - Shreveport, LA

No one of us is above the law nor should any one of US be under the boot heel of governmental oppression

Alice - Tallahassee, FL

It is not perfect, but we can make it better!!! We must not go backward on Constitutional rights & protections for ALL!!! Protect our Freedom!!!

Dywane - Indianapolis, IN

We Are One

Benjamin - Villa Park, CA

Our freedoms should not be voted on! Our freedoms are guaranteed by our maker!

Christyne - South Carolina

The law of the land doesn't apply only when it's convenient, but 100% of the time.

Frederick - Tucson, AZ

Besides being the supreme law of our republic, it is our best shot at keeping our liberty.

Alejandro - Miami, FL

It's vitally important that our constitution remains intact to protect us for generations to come. Our constitution applies equally to everyone!

David - Lancaster, CA


Mark - Laguna Beach, CA

No matter what the issue, before you cast your vote, ask, does it include or exclude any citizen over another?

Karita - San Jose, CA

By, for and of ALL the people!

Al - Rome, GA

I believe the constitution is for every American. It is a shame many Americans don't!!!

Wendell - Sarasota, FL

Liberty is liberty. Either every one is free and all men are equal or no one is truly free. Some cannot be more equal than others. Rich or poor equality under the law is imperative if society is to be civil. The constitution shields us all; both the few and the many, even as it serves to protect us from ourselves, and from each other.

Austin - Sanger, TX

The only way to view freedom is as an individual. Freedom of a collective always limits the liberties of another or even members within that group as no mass can be in perfect agreement. Once all members of all groups are free to act as free individuals then we will cease to divide ourselves and come together as one people that fight for the things that we all agree on.

Michi - Denton, TX

Don't mess with my rights!

Mary - Aurora, IL

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union" (That's all of us.100%)

Virginia - Coopersburg, PA

The Constitution guarantees me life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness......not denying me any of those just because I happen to be born female.

Ron - Phoenix, AZ

Either you trust the Constitution or you don't. To test yourself look at the worst of the worst and ask yourself "does this person deserve the same protections I have?" If your answer is anything but "yes!" quite pretending; you do not trust the Constitution.

Shakeerah - Penndel, PA

Stand for what is yours.

Mindy - Acworth, GA

I believe us Americans should grant people coming to our country the same blessings and opportunities we were blessed and born with. I vote against self deportation and any law that isn't human like and that is designed to tear families apart.

Daniel - Palmetto Bay, FL

Rights activist in training

William - Newport News, Va

Every voice must be heard.

Alexandra - Bainbridge, WA


Barbara - Beaumont, TX

Many people sacrificed much to share in the rights protected under the US Constitution. When we deny even one person those rights today, we diminish the victories of those who faught so valiantly in the past.

Kenneth - Fayetteville, NC

For all their talk, the Right opposes equal Constitutional protections. They even see it as a hindrance to their goals. However, given how DC chapter of ACLU views laws as interpretation - that once there is a law, how people are treated is not a matter of right & wrong, but legal interpretation. If that interpretation is valid, but leads to an abused section of society, too bad.

Sherri - Tujunga, CA

This country cannot stand for long if we do not all share the same fundamental rights. To believe that some are less worthy than others is wrong -- to attempt to use power and money to institutionalize such notions is reprehensible! The Constitution *is* for the 100%!

Helen - Amite, LA

the constitutional rights is for all the people ,for every american...we deserve it we pay our taxes..

Barbara-Lee - Vacaville, CA

100% means 100%

Julien - Willowbrook, IL

ACLU... I want my Constitution back!

Patty - Crestwood, KY

Denying rights to any of our citizens places all of us at risk. The Constitution is for all of us or it's for none of us and anyone who tells you different is not telling the truth.

Susan - Clearwater, FL

The Pledge of Allegiance supercedes any pledge to Grover Nyquist!

Ken - Ironwood, MI

I'm for the Constitution of The United States of America 100%!

Frederick - Tucson, AZ

In our republic unpopular ideas need protection.

Daisy - Eldon, IA

Constitution is for the 100%

Georgie - Salt Lake City, UT

When we all work together to support one another, to raise each other up to a higher level of progress, the entire nation progresses. We cannot survive alone and we need the confidence that our government stands for us no matter whether we are rich or poor, gay or straight, cisgender or transgender, male or female, black or white, Christian or not, immigrant or not. We are all seeking life, liberty, and happiness.

Ali - Tulsa, OK

Pray for the dead and fight like Hell for the living !

Roger - Pleasanton, CA

Regardless of our differences we're all Americans and all protected by our US Constitution.

James - Yuma, AZ

It's sad that a lot of people think of the ACLU as a "bad" thing and think in catch phrases instead of actual research.

Sparky - New Haven, CT

expound it.

Robert - Provo, UT

Life, liberty, and property for all! Let freedom ring! Legalize the Constitution once again!!!

Jacob - George, IA

What can I say, I'm sure everyone see that our constitution means nothing anymore. If can't see our constitution being stomped on then I suggest you do research. We are a crack away from losing our freedom and civil liberties.

Mary - Sand Springs, OK

I think they have twisted forgotten and changed the u.s. constitution enough!

Kelly - Milwaukee, WI

I stand with the 100%

David - Chino, CA

INDIVIDUAL Freedom is what this nation is supposed to be about. Not the freedom of some to oppress the rest of us!

Andrea - New York, NY

I vote to protect our Constitution!

John - Fort Wayne, In

Anyone who happens to be on American soil is protected by the Laws and Constitution of the United States---if we don't stand for that---we stand for nothing.

Sabrina - Honolulu, Oahu, Hi


Robert - WAIANAE, Hi

The first three words of the Constitution says it all

William - Sheridan, Wy

If you say you're a Constitutionalist, then make sure you read and understand it before you start demanding I follow it.

Darrel - Evansville, IN

Thank you for protecting our civil liberties.

Jan - Navarre, FL

That constitution is mine too..and even tho wise men penned it , it is every changing for the times and should reflect the modern age.

Zada - San Antonio, TX

I really believe our founding fathers would be appalled if they saw us today.

Madeline - Monessen, PA

The Constitution is for EVERYONE!

Ray - Pittsburgh, PA

The rule of law is what makes the US work. Please uphold the Constitution and keep religion out of government, and government out of religion.

Thomas - Tallahassee, FL

I'm thankful the ACLU took my 1st Amendment case to the USSCT and prouder to be a card carrying member of the ACLU for 40+ years.

Sidney - Clearwater, FL

I am grateful for our Constitution!

Amanda - Tulsa, OK

I am for the 100% Love over hate!

Annette - Downers Grove, Il

It seems the court system has become not only more powerful and biased but also less accessible for the average Joe. This is a real threat to our democracy.

Regan - Seattle, WA

The Constitution is even for the people that don't hold my political views!

Lee - Hammond, NY

The Constitution must be preserved as it was intended & written or we lose our Nation..

Joyce - New Castle, PA

Protect our freedom! If we lose that, we have nothing.

Patricia - Las Vegas, NV

All our boats are tied together, so let's not leave anyone out!

Lynn - The Village, OK


Edward - Guthrie Center, IA

The most basic purpose of our Constitution is to protect the citizens from the likely abuses of our own government!

George - Doerun, GA

How can the constitution cover everyone in the USA when laws vary from state to state..what's legal in one state is a criminal offense in another? How can you justify that under the constitution that everyone is treated fairly100%? I would really like to know the answer to this..thank you


The Constitution, like the Bible is under constant threat from people who really DON'T know how to read!

Charles - Sarasota, FL

Thanks for sharing this. A message that is vital in this particular Political Season. Although, I am but just One Small voice, I have encouraged many to Stand Up for Their Rights. I can only suggest, but I say "You need to become an Advocate for Yourself and Know your Rights. Such a basic document.."

Billy - Conroe, TX

All of the Constitution All the Time.

Mike - Ocean Springs, MS

I am a college student, I am bisexual, and I am descended from illegal immigrants; I am a secular humanist and left libertarian. I am tired of war, I am tired of corruption, and I am tired of seeing good people being punished for victimless "crimes". I am a part of the 100%, and I demand to be heard. We all have civil liberties that must be respected, whether the ruling class likes it or not.

Evelyn - Auburn, WA

I love the Constitution. It protects us all. I have two copies. One I often carry in my purse. What better to read while standing in line with my fellow citizens.

Chuck - Arizona

I'm on board

Vincenzo - East Stroudsburg, PA

People not Corporations are people.

John - Council Bluffs, IA

Quit putting the dam politicians on a pedestal. They work for us. Lets take back our country from the elitists.

Estella - Cahokia, IL

the true about constiuttion and voice heard that the constitution the protects all us. talk about history and we go to school to laern about by constittution for poeples.

Bryan - Culver City, CA

I have no idea why this battle continues to wage on because it is rather obvious that #OCCUPY is correct.

Debbie - Broken Arrow, OK

The Constitution is what sets us apart from others. Lets all work to defend and protect it. Vote!

David - Florida

It is imperative that the rights to privacy, freedom of speech, and to bear arms are not infringed.

Michael - Osawatomie, KS

It is "We the People" to whom the Constitution was written, not "Us not Those People". Due Process requires each person to be treated fairly and equally under the Constitution.

Citoyen - Illinois

Equality +Freedom = Liberty

Barry - Chicago, IL

Who needs a Constitution when I can simply write executive orders!

Linda - Satellite Beach, FL

I love my country and the Constitution. I find it disgraceful that we, American citizens, are having to constantly fight and fight with LAWMAKERS to follow our and their Constitutional rights that are LEGAL.

Greg - Negaunee, MI

Please be vigilant during 2012 and beyond, as our constitutional rights are under attack from many groups, lawmakers and would-be lawmakers. They believe it is their gain when they take away our Constitutional rights, human rights and dignity. The ACLU and ACLU Liberty Watch is among the good organizations who are fighting to protect our rights as humans.

Linda - Santa Rosa, NM

I am 100% for We the People Persons! To HELL with the Corporate Persons. The only reason to Incorporate is to limit Personal Liberty. Corporations should not Limit Liability to the scoundrels who run them!! 100% for the Constitution to be for 100% of We the 100% HUMAN PEOPLE!

Terence - Augusta, GA

Voter Suppression is an outright affront to the American People and the U.S. Constitution. We all need to know who is making decisions for us - and fight to oust those who trample our rights. With so many groups and lawmakers taking away our liberties, this is the most important time for us to pay attention since before the ratification of the Voting Rights Act 1965.

Donna - Negaunee, MI

Our constitution is under attack from those who want to take away your rights. We must stand together to fight attempts by politicians and groups to chop away at our constitutional rights!

Ron - Columbia, MO

I am part of the 100%!

Danitsa - Port Orchard, WA

The constitution is for all.

Shannon - Owensburg, IN

"We the People" That would be us. We are the 100%.

Rocco - Palm Coast, FL

Our reps swear an oath to the constitution and shouldn't sign pledges to lobbyists like Grover Norquist. This is treason.

Dola - Huntsville, AL

Constitution of the US makes free to be the Country that God always wants us to be!!


I believe that now more than ever it is necessary for all Americans to stand up and protect our freedoms and our constitution that so many of our fellow countrymen have died for. These freedoms and liberties should and do apply to all humans and not just those with popular opinions.

Peggy - Davis, CA

Read the damn thing! It belongs to all of us and it's up to all of us to respect it and keep it relevant.

Patricia - Oxford, OH

I'm a Constitution voter. Stand with me for ALL Americans.

Peter - Santa Ana, CA

The candidates interprete the Constitution to the exclusions of millions of people. Remember it is for 100% of the people

Terri - Houston, TX

The Constitution is for everyone, even all those people who disagree with me.

Anitra - Delaware

Before the Constitution was applied to African-Americans, the dehumanizing treatment of African-Americans challenged its principles & motive. I believe the Constitution is for the 100% because my education, my lifestyle and my personhood are the result of its employment.

Kit - Hawaii

The Constitution is for the 100% because:

This land was made for you and me, not you and you!

Carolina - Miami, Fl

Es para todos, incluso para quienes hablamos otro idioma. Porque los derechos van por encima de las palabras.

Translation: Is for all, even for those who speak other language. Because rights are above the words.


The Constitution is for "we, the people." If you're a person in America, it ought to apply to you!

Dotty - Texas

I'm 100% behind the Constitution.

James - Brooklym NY

I am the 100%. The constitution is for all of us!

Susan - Denver, CO

Don't forget: The Constitution is for the 100%. The Constitution is for 100% of us, not just for the wealthy.

Laurie - Indiana

The Constitution is for the 100%
I am a God-fearing Lutheran
I love my family
I am conservative
I live in a house
I work hard
I laugh, I cry
I am an American
The Constitution includes me

Heather - Maine

Everyone should immediately go read/re-read the U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights! They are REAL documents too often treated as phantoms. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson; an informed public is the best protection of a democracy!


Equal protection is the law!

Katie - New York

Thanks for promoting this campaign! I believe in the power of the 100%!

Ann - Boone, NC

The Constitution does not serve special interests. It is for all of the people. Read it!

Will - Lincoln, NE

We are all Americans. We all deserve the same protections.

Sara - Indiana, PA

I believe that the Constitution protects human rights, but that corporations should not be held to have the same array of rights as human beings.

Mary - North Carolina

Women are part of the 100%!

Kenton - Port Townsend, WA

Either you are for the Constitution or against it~

Anthony - Columbia, MO

Of, By, and For the People, NOT the Corporations.